There are no one-size-fits-all home heating and air conditioning systems, so we work with home builders during the design, building and finish-out phases of new home construction to make sure homes get the best possible HVAC systems given the local climate and lot conditions. We also take into account the builder’s level of commitment to energy efficiency.

Are you building a new home? This can be a very exciting project, but it can also be extremely stressful. There are many details to keep in mind when constructing a new home. When it comes time to consider the installation of your new heating and air conditioning system, KC Mechanical is here to take some of the worry off your plate. Our team will handle every aspect of your HVAC installation with the skill and expertise we are known for. This includes, of course, the design and installation of your new ductwork system.

There are many reasons why your ductwork must be appropriately designed for your home and installed professionally. One such example: poor air duct design can have a serious impact on the efficiency of air flow throughout your home, thus contributing to poorer indoor air quality. It would be a shame to pay so much money for your air conditioner or whole-house heater, just to have it’s performance inhibited by poor air flow.